The... "And Stuff!"

~And Now to the "And Stuff"~

C's Slimes offers so much more than slime and fun toys! Check out what else C's Slimes has in store!

 ~Slime Play Workshops~

Want C's Slimes to come to you!? Click the link below and fill out an interest form and we will have a "Slime-tastic" Time. Our fun and mindful slime workshops are great for ages 5 to 12!   


C's Slime Play and Clay Modeling Workshops Interest Form


~C's Calming Corner~

Maintaining Mindfulness is the Key to all things that Motivate us throughout our daily lives! Please Join my Channel and relax your mind today! Cheers to being the best version of YOU!!!

C's Calming Corner YouTube Page


~C's Learning Corner~

Is your child struggling with math? No worries! Let C's Learning Corner help your child become the math star they were designed to be!
Click link and fill out the form below to begin building your child's math confidence today!
C's Learning Corner- Math Tutor Interest Form